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    •    Welcome to St. George
         Catholic Church 
       714 S. 3rd Street   Odessa, Mo

      Father Matthew Brumleve

         Mass Schedule

      Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 am (subject to change)
      Saturday  5:30 pm                   Sunday 9:00 am

      Confessions 1st and 3rd Saturday's from 3:00pm to 3:30pm or call the parish office to schedule a time.

      The Parish Office is located at 202 Phillips Street in the Youth Education Center. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Please call
      (816) 633-7475, if no one is available and please leave a message.

      If you would like to reserve the Meeting Hall for a special event, or a meeting please contact Bob or Maureen Carey to set up the reservation, mcarey1955@aol.com or 565-2105
      Please note that "non-parish" related events, such as birthday parties, meetings, ect.  have to have a special insurance policy written for the event, mandated by the Diocese, so please allow at least 3 weeks to schedule these types of events.  If you are hosting a "parish" event please call and reserve the date as soon as possible to avoid over booking of the Meeting Hall.




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      Father Matthew's Homilies are also now available for reflection.  They are located under Ecommunity.

      ~Lighthouse Catholic Media Kiosk~
      Stop by and take a CD or book home today! 
      Two new CD's have been added to the collection and two more will be added soon!  Also there are rosaries available!  Please stop by and take a look, take a CD home! 

      It is a wonderful opportunity for us all to be able to Live, Learn and LOVE our faith through education.  You will be seeing the Lighthouse very soon in the gathering area.  Please stop by and check it out.  There are many CD's available from many well know Catholic Speakers, and is a very convenient way to take a step in faith.  There are also books and booklets available.  All this is made possible by very small donations for the materials.  Please embrace this answered prayer and deepen your faith and share it with family and friends!

      SEXUAL ABUSE The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph is committed to combating sexual abuse in the Church.  If you are a victim of sexual abuse, or if you observe or suspect sexual abuse: 1. Call the Missouri Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-392-3738 (if the victim is currently under the age of 18), and 2. Contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911, and 3. After reporting to these civil and law enforcement authorities, report suspected sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult to the Diocesan Ombudsman, Jenifer Valenti, at 816- 812-2500 or JeniferValenti@att.net, if the abuse involves a priest, deacon, employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. 
      The Diocese has a sincere commitment to providing care and healing resources to victims of sexual abuse and their families.  Please contact Victim Advocate Mary Bultmann at 816- 714-2387 or bultmann@diocesekcsj.org for more information.